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Ray Homes, LLC is your premier greenhouse contractor in Vernal, UT. We bring over 16 years of experience in agricultural greenhouse construction, and greenhouse renovation. Join us in building your green dream.

Ray Homes, LLC: The Choice Greenhouse Contractor in Vernal, UT

When it comes to greenhouse construction, Ray Homes, LLC stands out in Vernal, UT. As an experienced greenhouse contractor, we master various materials, from polyurethane and polycarbonate to glass. With our specialization in agricultural greenhouse construction, we deliver solutions that cater to all your horticultural needs. Our passion lies in crafting greenhouses that thrive with life, enhancing the charm of your residential space.

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Why Choose Us

Ray Homes, LLC isn’t just another name in the list of greenhouse construction companies in Vernal, UT. We bring:

  • Expertise in diverse materials: polyurethane, polycarbonate, glass
  • Experience: over 16 years of experience as a greenhouse contractor
  • Expertise: proficiency in agricultural construction and greenhouse renovation
  • Free estimates: to help you plan your project

Our experience and commitment to your satisfaction make us your top choice.

A Greenhouse Renovation That Brings Life

Whether you’re in Vernal, UT or surrounding areas, our greenhouse renovation services breathe new life into existing structures. Our renovation services ensure your greenhouse remains a thriving, productive space, enhancing the value and beauty of your residential property.

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